Salt and Silver Jewelry

Salt and Silver Jewelry is handcrafted by Hayden Harvey, a Gabriola born and raised artist inspired by the coastal
landscape and artistic spirit of Vancouver Island BC.

Hayden began her journey of jewelry making as a child, building trinkets and treasures alongside her glassmaker mom,
and would sell them side-by-side at craft fairs and outside her mother’s home studio.

She has apprenticed with professional Gabriola jewelry artists Laura Handford of Moon Shine Studio, and Nina Turcyzn
of Paprika Silversmithing. During this apprenticeship Hayden learned traditional silversmith methods, techniques
she incorporates with modern tools.

Living on the west coast, Hayden is enchanted by the mystical spirit of nature– the night sky, bioluminescence,
whales, and mermaids. She works to translate this west coast magic into uplifting and fun wearable art than can be
worn in celebration at festivals and in the every day rituals of life. Her jewelry incorporates sacred symbols,
spiritual mysticism, tarot and natural divinity.

Salt and Silver Jewelry is best described as funky, hippy, bohemian, gypsy, rock star, cosmic. She loves the process
of creating unique jewelry for people, and wants the pieces to be fun, dazzling and empowering to wear.


By Celina Silva