Gabriola Studio, Gabriola Island, BC, Canada

This site is a collaborative effort of art, glass art,  craft, jewelry, and lifelong learning. There is a gallery of stained glass, mosaics, and fused glass with Dar Mace, Salt & Silver Jewelry & Art with Hayden Harvey, and other local artists.There is also a link page that gives contact information; to other individuals’ works and interests. This site comes out of a desire to explore and expand the concept of an artist’s website and reflect the creative processes; not only the finished ‘products’. It is an attempt to ‘connect the dots’ and demonstrate how our worlds constantly overlap and influence each others’. The web of computer technology is both an inspiring vehicle and effective medium for increased comprehension and integration of these colourful fabrics of our lives. 

Please feel free to contact Dar Mace for any further information.


instagram    @dar.mace

Salt & Silver Jewelry and Art

Funky, fun, fashionable jewelry. Sparkling combinations of fused glass, precious stones, found objects, antique jewelry…the list is a continuous journey of the imagination’s ‘findings’. Salt & Silver wants you to feel
big love and share it with others!

Many thanks to the photographers who have contributed images to this site: Steve Struthers, Dave O’Rama, Maggie
Barrett, Florence Deverman, Hayden Harvey, Amy Hollings, Blair Mann and Timshel Jackson.